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A Public Inquiry into our application to register Weddington Church fields as a village green took place late in 2012.


Sadly the Inspector, on 21st January 2013, recommended that the fields should NOT be registered as a Village Green! At a Regulatory Committee meeting on 13th February Warwickshire County Council ruled to uphold the Inspector's recommendation. SWORD were not allowed to make a legal representation at the meeting, and Committee members did not even have a copy of our legal objections to hand!

However - SWORD will not be giving up the fight to protect these fields!

We now need to consider our future options, as there may still be legal avenues open to us - including the possibility of a Judicial Review.

Hallams land developers have not yet purchased the land and have only been granted outline planning permission. More detailed plans will need to go back to NBBC for approval, and we will ensure that we oppose these at every stage.

Furthermore, we will be raising the impact of recent flooding - which occurred after permission was granted - with the Environment Agency.

Hallams do not build houses themselves – they sell land on to house builders. SWORD will ensure that any potential builders are fully aware of the environmental issue and the high level of local opposition, when they are considering whether to purchase land on the site.

You can listen to an interview on this decision with Colin Burrows (Chair of SWORD) on BBC Radio here (this is an MP3)


We will publishing more about how YOU can help in the next states of this campaign soon, but in the meantime, PLEASE write to express your views on the decision to the local media at:


MORE UPDATES SOON - or visit our Facebook page (Save Weddington Campaign).


You can view the key application documents here:


Warks County Council Report on Weddington Village Green Application 17th July (PDF)

Formal Application to Register Weddington Fields as a Village Green (Form 44) (PDF)

Full justification statement in addition to Form 44 (PDF)

List of Supporting documents supplied with Form 44 (PDF)

Map of proposed Village Green site (PDF)

Image of of site notice placed at Weddington Church Fields on 19th April (JPG)

Hallam's Solicitors' Objection to our Application (PDF)

Inspector's Report on the Weddington Village Green Application January 2013 (PDF)

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"I think it is entirely appropriate that these fields should be designated a village green. As a former resident of Nuneaton, with a good memory of Weddington, I can recall the fields being used for recreation by people of all ages. We certainly played there as children and – in retrospect – valued the green space that was accessible, safe and close to home. To close this land would be a serious loss to the local community and would have a detrimental effect on peoples’ quality of life.

"Please ensure that these fields with their historic connections are protected for future generations."

(Ken Loach, reknowned film-maker who was born and raised in Nuneaton).


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